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The Lash Games 2016

Firstly, thank you to everyone who competed and helped to make the first Lash Games such a huge success.

As this competition was completely blind judged we are still missing a few names from the list below.

I have been emailing and chasing all the entrants to get the correct information to make the list complete. If you are not on the winners & runners up list but received your certificate and trophy on the day then please contact a member of the team via email and we can add your name.

I thank you all for supporting the inaugural Lash Games and we will return on Sunday 1st & Monday 2nd October 2017.

Classic Look Competition

Novice UK 1st  
Novice International 1st Hayley mountjoy 300Hayley Mountjoy 
  2nd Beata Lisowska 300Beata Lisowska
  3rd Ilaria Marrazzo 300Ilaria Marrazzo 
Winner Of Winners    
Lash Professional 1st Aija Dambe 300Aija Dambe 
  2nd Sandra Lindblom 300Sandra Lindblom
  3rd Jennifer Turner 300Jennifer Turner
Master 1st Camilla Kirk Reynolds 300Camilla Kirk-Reynolds 
  2nd Ksenia Karnejenko 300Ksenia Karnejenko
  3rd Julija Baltulioniene 300Julija Baltulioniene
Expert 1st  
  2nd elisabeth.bexter 300Elisabeth Bexter 


2D / 3D Competition

Novice  1st Camilla Kirk Reynolds 300Camilla Kirk-Reynolds 
  2nd Jennifer Turner 300Jennifer Turner
Lash Professional 1st Alba Lahesa 
  2nd Pui ying Chiu 300Pui Ying 
  3rd Katie Smith 300Katie Smith
Master 1st Manami Edwards 300Manami Edwards
  2nd  Cassandra Popplestone
Expert 1st Hamima latoel 300Hamima Latoel
  2nd Oi Y An Ng


Dramatic 4+ Competition

Novice  1st Beata Lisowska 300Beata Lisowska
  3rd Emma Andreasson 300Emma Andreasson 
Lash Professional 1st Alba Lahesa 
  2nd Aija Dambe 300Aija Dambe 
  3rd Annie Tahalea 300Annie Tahalea
Master 1st Ewelina Jusiak 
  2nd Susanna Karlsson 300Susanna Karlsson 
  3rd Emma Klasson
Expert 1st Julija Baltulioniene 300Julija Baltulioniene
  3rd Muriel REVARDY 300Muriel Revardy


Fantasy Competition

1st Miranda Tarpey 300Miranda Tarpey 
2nd Malwina Siwiec 
3rd Vilja Birkelund 300Vilja Birkelund